These are simple ways to buy our products :

* E-Mail 
1. send your email to : nadashouts@gmail.com with the details below :

Name :
The name of the product :
Phone number :

you may send us your email everyday ( 24 hours )

2. We will reply your email and inform you about the payment ( include the shipping cost ).
    We reply the email every Thursday, Saturday and Sunday ( > or more )

3. We will process your order after you give us your payment confirmation . THIS IS SO IMPORTANT!

   if in 2 x 24 hours you dont give us your confirmations, we cancel your order.

4. We will send the products every  Tuesday and Friday ( > or more )

5. For Questions or more informations , kindly ask us by sending your email to :  nadashouts@gmail.com

* Store
We don't have our own store yet

-We are sorry, but  International Shipping is not available yet

Happy Shopping, Dolls ! :)

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